yugma, my fav new toy

i was up way too late last night with a certain adam ezra making a series of new gig posters.

we went from four drafts to finished pieces, and i attribute it directly to a combination of skype and yugma - the former being the free video chat juggernaut, the latter being a new plug-in that lets people SEE YOUR DESKTOP. not quite in real time, but close enough that i could show adam things like "see this? here's before. is it refreshed? now? ok... here's after."

and then watch his eyebrows pop up as he saw the subtle changes in shadows, contrast... those tiny details that really change the overall feel of a layout - and he was able to comment on what he liked and what he didn't as i was working.

for some people, that would be so annoying. it really is like having someone look over your shoulder. but this guy is a musician with some serious verbal ability and dangerously close enough to having a great design eye that it became a wonderful collaborative process.

one tip... wear headphones with skype. or else you hear yourself echo because your microphone is picking up your own voice from your speakers, and it's a vicious cycle that gives you some gnarly feedback. kind of annoying.

late night skype posters